As a result of intense speculation about the old clan structure, I've decided it would probably be rather difficult to code in. With that in mind, I'll explain the new guild structure. There will be seven guilds, each one of the class that your character has chosen. When you reach level 100, you may join the guild and gain specific stat bonuses.

Bonuses per Guild

  • Guild of Ainur: +7% Magic Level
  • Guild of Gondorman: +5% Strength
  • Guild of Elves: +3% Magic Level, +4% Brains
  • Guild of Dwarves: +4% Strength, +4% Energy
  • Guild of Hobbits: +4% Brains
  • Guild of Experimentos: +2% Everything.
  • Guild of Rangers: +4% Magic Level, +3% Brains

    Stat bonuses occur at the initial join in of the guild and every 500 moves.

    Once the new artifacts/treasures are implemented, there will probably be other bonuses added on to each guild.

    If you have any questions, comments or ideas regarding this, feel free to email DarkEnigma