Lord of the Rings

ROTDL Modified By: Stephen Walters (DarkEnigma)

Welcome to Lord of the Rings: Return of the Dark Lord!

Lying within these portals is the Darkness. Enter at your own peril as you fight and seek to eradicate all evil from the Realm. The Dark Lord has made his presence known. Will you destroy him?

Or perhaps you will join him. Use the forces of darkness as you attempt to destroy Middle-earth and its peaceful society in the name of the Dark Lord, Sauron!


  • Return of the Dark Lord is back up for a period of time until I can finish getting the changes done on the new source code.


  • Yes, the game has been down a lot longer than I thought. So, I'm keeping it down until all the coding and bugs are fixed. Yes, this will take a while.
  • Currently, I am working on several new admin features, a couple of new things and monsters, the planes of reality, and some other stuff.
  • The planes of reality can be entered. They have their own seperate monsters and treasures. Each plane also requires a specific item to enter it. Valar Relocate and Gwaihir will work in these areas. Sky and Dungeons are the two new ones. Sky gives x2 exp. Dungeon gives x3 exp. In order to enter Sky, you must have the Angel's Wings ($5 from paypal) or defeat the champion. To enter the Dungeons, you must have the Demon's Horns ($5 paypal or defeat the champion). Beware, the Champion is very big.


  • The game will be down from the 20th until the 29th as I have many changes to be made. Characters will be wiped and several new features operational.


  • Important! Characters may or may not be deleted on the 25th of February. If this occurs, it will be due to a new change that will allow a much better control over the game by the Wizards. Also, the cure poison bug in posts has been fixed. All classes now have clans. Current Endeavors: Clan halls/quests, clan items, Dark side creatures/storyline implemented, bugs/site information fixed, and a few new modifications. Still working out ideas on this. Many things churning in this head of mine. :)


  • New addition to posts that allows you to sell your shield and to cure poison. However, you will gain 0.0025 sin per usage. When you sell your shield, the following formula is implemented and you obtain that amount of gold: (shield * 5) / 2 = Gold gained. Curing poison will take seventy percent of your gold.


  • Current Endeavors: A few surprises. Cool ones though. :D


  • Return of the Dark Lord is back online and workable. New skills in in addition to spells. Stab, bash, slash, do 1.5x damage, 2x damage, increase your intelligence and ML.
  • Also, if a character has more than one life, when they die, they lose all gems and gold, lose a bit of exp, and suffer a degen. This is to keep a bit more fairness in the game.


  • Return of the Dark Lord is down due to technical difficulties.


  • Alright. Time I passed some things on. As it stands, DarkEnigma will be leaving for an unknown period of time beginning the 29th. It is uncertain as of the exact date he will be leaving, but suffice it to say the war affects many people. It has been fun for the length of time I was here, and should anything at all happen to me, however remote the chances of that is, I wish you all a good and happy life. Nahum and Nahla will be in control of the game while I am gone. Hopefully, I will have new changes in before I leave. I should. I dun mind it if someone tells me to get off my lazy ass and finish them, as I procrastinate a lot.
  • Current Endeavors: "Fighter" class attacks (Skills in place of Spells), New spells for "Magic" classes, New monsters, revamp of the treasures, four new dark classes, addition of clans for new classes.


  • Alignment now completely fixed. There was a premature bug with the last one, but I was able to correct that. Monsters 101-129 were removed. Melkor will probably not appear as well, but I'm working on the problem. Monster list will be updated. For now, its as if normal P4. Monster numbers 0-99. Once the melee thing is figured out, then the new classes will be back in. Monster bug will be fixed soon. If you have ideas concerning the alignment thing, email or IM me. Thank you.


  • Alignment change completed. Beginning operation to include the alignment modifications. As a result of this past change, all characters have been deleted. Restores will be made on January 13th, 2003.


  • Almost finished defining the alignment information. This information will be used to determine monsters and treasures that you get. Also, it will determine which type of storyline your character follows.
  • However, once this change is implemented, the characters must be wiped once more. As it stands, anytime a change to the phantstruct.h file is made, characters are deleted. While I understand that you get pissed off about this and sympathize with you, understand that the game will be much, much better. So bear with me. Soon, Return of the Dark Lord will be the best Phantasia version ever. :D


  • Finished the spells for the new classes, with the exception of Warrior.
  • Class oriented weapons now completed. All thats left is the java portion for the examine windows. Each weapon has a defined inflicting damage and power.
  • Melkor the Dark Vala can now only be defeated if you have phials and bless. So watch out. Phials can be purchased for 1000 gold from any post over 1600. Still working on a couple of bugs with it.
  • However, with this last change, all character have had to be wiped. Restores will be done, just contact a Game Wizard.


  • Hoard of Smaug decreased slightly so players don't accumalate millions of gold.
  • If you receive a second virgin while having another, your sin is reduced by 0.0250.
  • Second set of classes in. Working on new spells for each.


  • ROTDL is back online. I am currently undergoing a rewrite of the source that will be used on the new server. Please take note to the fact that all accounts and characters have been wiped. Speak to DarkEnigma for a restore.


  • Spells for each class finished. Now working on spell sets.
  • Certain monster stats lowered slightly.


  • Amulet of Scatha error fixed.
  • Continuing to work on Treasures problem.
  • Elves now have "Fireball".
  • Ainur now has "Flames of Anor".
  • Will continue to work on other changes once returned from my trip to Raleigh.
  • New monster: Melkor the Dark Vala. Highly dangerous. Disregard the monsters sheet. If a wizard has time, please update it.


  • New treasures added. Treasure Type 16. NOTE! If you receive the "Your blindness is removed!" message once obtaining the Amulet of Scatha, ignore it. It only affects your character if blind. Small bug the Administration is working on.
  • New monsters added. Some tweaked as to treasure wise.


  • New treasures implemented. Treasure Type 15.


  • Guilds implemented. Stat boosts fixed.
  • New spell called Fireball. Took the place of Transform.
  • New and improved Forum for players created.